Fredersen was formed in 2006 and offers qualified legal advice to companies, listed as well as unlisted. Our guiding star is to maximize the client benefit and that affects everything we do, from collaborations with our clients and the services we provide, to who we recruit and how we have chosen to organize our lawfirm. We have offices in Malmö and Stockholm.



At Fredersen, we regularly represent both buyers and sellers as well as their financiers. We offer skilful project management which includes negotiations and documentation. We negotiate and document both public and private corporate acquisitions and, in conjunction with public acquisitions, we are often responsible for drafting the prospectus. We also have many years of experience in real property transactions and regularly provide assistance on complex transactions involving major property portfolios. Please contact Hannes Mellberg for questions regarding M&A.

Dispute Resolution

Fredersen’s dispute resolution group has extensive experience of all types of commercial disputes. We assist our clients in all stages of a dispute, from the early case and risk assessments and claim or rejection letters to proceedings before Swedish courts and Swedish and international arbitral tribunals. In addition to general business law disputes, we also have extensive experience of disputes that require certain specialist knowledge, including, among other things, real estate and construction disputes, advertising disputes and intellectual property infringement disputes. As regards disputes that require expertise in foreign law, we have well-established relationships with foreign law firms, and we are thus able to create and manage integrated teams tailored to specific situations. Fredersen’s lawyers are also frequently retained as arbitrators in both national and international arbitral proceedings. Please contact Filip Funk for inquiries regarding Dispute Resolution.

Life science/IP

Several of our clients are active in life science and we have followed many of them from idea to full-fledged pharmaceutical companies. In life science, there are a number of specific types of agreements and with our experience and specialist knowledge, we have guided our clients through the various development phases. We also have many years of experience in commercializing of intellectual property rights. We assist our clients, e g in the food industry, sports and retail, to protect and refine their well-known brands in the best possible way. In connection with this, we also assist in market law issues. Please contact Jonas Kullgren for inquiries regarding Life Science/IP.

Corporate Commercial

Within Corporate Commercial, we offer all the legal services that our clients need in the day-to-day business. Many of our clients see us as their in-house lawyers with whom they can discuss all kinds of issues, large as well as small. For example, we help our clients with labor law, intellectual property law (trademark, copyright and market law), contract law, insolvency law, IT law, banking and finance, and company law. For questions regarding Corporate Commercial, please contact Jonas Kullgren.

Corporate Finance & Capital Markets

At Fredersen we offer leading specialist expertise as advisors to issuers, investors and other entities on the financial markets in conjuction with public issues and other equity-based acquisitions of capital, as well as in conjunction with admission to trading on both stock exchanges and other market places.  Our Corporate Finance team also has expert proficiency in respect of takeover bids. Our advice in conjunction with IPOs and similar procedures is characterized by a sharp focus on practical matters and a cost-effecticve approach. For example, we often draft prospectuses. Please contact Nina Johnsson for questions regarding Corporate Finance & Capital Markets.


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